The Sunnydale House Project

Bringing LifeWise Academy to
Elida School Students!

The Cause
ACTS, the parent company of WTLW TV-44, is partnering with LifeWise Academy to bring the Gospel to Elida students. “Released Time Religious Instruction” allows students to walk off campus during the school day for one-hour weekly Bible-teaching sessions.
The House
In November, 2020, ACTS purchased the home at 4289 Sunnydale, adjacent to the new Elida Elementary building. The house will soon undergo a dramatic transformation. CLICK here for renderings of the house project.
The Project
Bob Placie, former President of TV-44 and current board member, is also an experienced Project Manager having built industrial plants around the world. As Project Manager, Bob and his team of contractors and volunteers will renovate the house into classrooms amenable to learning.

The Six-Month Challenge

The ambitious goal is to complete the project by Labor Day, 2021, in time for the grand opening of the newly-constructed Elida Elementary School in September. Our desire is for HUNDREDS of children to participate in the LifeWise Academy at the Sunnydale House.
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The Program- Lifewise Academy
Studies show that 8 in 10 American youth don’t attend church, yet 9 in 10 attend public schools. What does this mean? Reaching youth with the Gospel in today’s culture is a tremendous challenge. Since most students aren’t inside church walls, why not go where they are? THE GOSPEL COMPELS US TO GO… IT WILL BE OUR JOY TO GO
School Release Time
LifeWise Academy is a Released Time Religious Instruction (RTRI) program which exists to reach unchurched students in public schools with the Gospel. Under little-known RTRI laws, students can be released from public school during the school day to attend religious classes, provided the program is off school property, privately funded, and parent-permitted.  It is constitutionally protected by a Supreme Court Decision. Click HERE to read the Elida Local Schools policy regarding RTRI.

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Bringing Bible-based character training to Elida students!

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Join us as we reach Elida students with the Gospel!
ACTS, WTLW-TV44 has committed $500,000 to expand LifeWise Academy throughout the Greater Lima community. This includes: the purchase of 4289 Sunnydale House; a $30,000 seed gift to transform the house into classrooms; and two-year grant to sponsor a LifeWise Area Representative.

We believe there is an urgent need to reach a generation of children who mostly do not attend church and have little knowledge of the Bible. Phase One of bringing LifeWise Academy to Elida is the renovation of the Sunnydale House. The cost of labor and materials is estimated at $300,000. We invite you to sign up for our bi-monthly email update that will detail the progress being made over the coming months.  We also invite your participation as a volunteer once the LifeWise program is up and running in September.
Kevin Bowers, Chair
President, ACTS, Inc.
Robert Placie, Project Manager
Vice President, ACTS Character Academy
Joe Wassink, Campaign Chair
Vice President, ACTS, Inc.
Amanda Pohlman, Church Relations Chair


Is this program sponsored by Elida schools?
No. This is a privately run program. The Elida School Administration is merely adhering to Ohio law by allowing for Released Time Religious Instruction. Read HERE.
What denomination is LifeWise affiliated with?
LifeWise is interdenominational. The curriculum is produced by the Gospel Project and is focused on the substitutionary death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is Bible-based, chronological and Christ-centered.

Are children automatically enrolled?
This is a voluntary program. All Elida parents/ guardians must grant permission for their child to attend.
What grades will LifeWise serve?
Phase One is to launch Lifewise for grades 1 – 4 at the Sunnydale House and soon expanding to the fifth grade. Middle school and high school programs are also being considered near their prospective school buildings.
Who will teach the children?
A local team of current and former teachers is being assembled as a committee to recruit certified teachers who have a passion for children to hear the Gospel. All teachers will be compensated. 

How can I get involved?

Partner Financially Donations of cash are needed to raise a significant amount of money to complete the renovations, along with ongoing support of the Lifewise Academy Program.

Volunteer your Time – Escorts will be needed for the daily stream of students walking from the Elida Elementary School to the Sunnydale House

Talent – Skilled craftsman are needed to renovate the Sunnydale House into a facility we can all be proud of.

Church Missions – Ask your local church to get behind the project.

Spread the Word – This is a community-wide project, and the more people know about it, the more successful it will become. Email this page or share it on social media.
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